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Our mission is to create the website most suitable for your business. We try do integrate your visual identity on every page and produce content if needed.  

What we offer

Customized login page

 When you log in on your newly created website, the page is also customised to your website.


Uniquely designed website

We create and design the website from the bottom to make the website best suit your business.


Website Statistics

You will have access to data about the people who visit your website, where they are from etc.



We optimize your website’s SEO. You even get a free tool so you can continue to make your website search engine optimized.

Full Control

After we have made the website and it’s up and running, you’ll have full control over the website. So you can do whatever with it you want.

Hacker Protection

Cyber attacks are more common than most know. Therefore it’s important to have some cybersecurity. This is included for free.

Responsive Design

The website is going to look great on both mobile devices and computers. We make sure the design is responsive.

Webshop Support

Want a webshop on your website? All of our websites can be converted to a webshop.


SSL makes sure your website is encrypted. This is useful for websites storing personal information etc.

3rd Party Addons

If you have any service you would like to function with the website like Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics, it’s almost guaranteed that it will work!

Website Backups

Included with the website hosting, we will make backups of your website. So if anything critical goes wrong, we can roll it back to and earlier version.

And More!

These are only a few of the things our websites include. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us using the form below.

We Design for Mobile Plaforms, too.

Here at Bendix Media we design our content to be optimized for both mobile and laptop. This means that the websites are responsive to different screen sizes and video/photos are optimized for the best perfomance.

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Let's Work Together

Are you ready for starting our next project together? We are sure it is going to be a lot of fun (and hard work too of cause). Do not hestitate to reach out to us no matter the project. 

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